Don't let a traumatic event or stressful life be your center.
About Reality Therapeutics

This is something personal. I live with a chronic disease and struggle with stress, fatigue and anxiety symptoms on a daily basis – which heavily influences both my personal and professional life. 

More than half of the population (!) now has a chronic disease diagnosis, and probably even more are suffering from stress every day. This is unacceptable and it needs to change.

With Reality Therapeutics I’m on a personal mission to help people take better care of themselves and to find peace of mind, to have a more fruitful and enjoyable life. Welcome.

Roeland Pater
Crohn’s Disease sufferer, entrepreneur and psychology bachelor student, father of two.
(not in that order particularly)

Introducing the FREE Grounding app

Mindfulness in your life does not have to take hours per day.  Grounding exercises are easy and fast. They focus on moving beyond worries and stressful thoughts about the past, and take you back into the present.

Relieve yourself of stress, worry and anxiety. 
If you feel a spark, come on in.

The concept and power of Grounding.

Sometimes it might feel like our world is on the brink of spinning completely out of control. This can be felt on a global as well as personal scale and can be a lot for one individual to take. Dealing with anxieties that come from an ever-present sense of information can tear away out our conscious minds and make us feel at a loss for what to do.

The solution is actually staring us directly in the face, but most neglect to see it. You cannot, in yourself, as an individual fix everyone’s problems, but through grounding mindfulness, you can help yourself and your feelings about the whole of the situation.

This concept is not merely an idea, but a workable faction that we can employ in each of our lives. Through grounding techniques, you can find peace and relaxation in practically any situation life throws your way.

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If you feel a spark, come on in.

The Grounding app is free to download for iPhone, and comes with a selected collection of free sessions. This enables you to try out if grounding is for you, before you subscribe and become a real part of our community.  Subscriptions start at $4 / month.


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